• What really matters the most is that they really care about quality, so I never have to worry about any of my items getting ruined.
    “The best part about their service is that its free. Even if you don’t use dry cleaning that frequently, they can stop by once a week or every other week.”
  • Signing up for Paoletti’s delivery service was easy! The very next day, they came to my house to pick up my dry cleaning. I was really impressed.
    “This delivery service is awesome! I also use Paoletti’s for tailoring and cleaning comforters.”
  • It was important for me to find a dry cleaners that I can trust with my nicer clothes and suits, they’ve never let me down. Thanks for the service, Paoletti’s!!!
    ” It’s really nice having my clothes picked up and dropped off for me. It saves mea huge amount of time, so it’s a service I really appreciate. “