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Best Wash N Fold Laundry Service In Wheaton

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If your looking for a wash n fold laundry service in Wheaton we can save you time with our twice a week pick up and drop off service. Outsourcing some of the daily chores in our lives is one of the main reasons this service is so beneficial to our customers. This service is the same as going to a laundry mat except we do all the work for you. We have separate washing machines that clean your clothes, and once finished are wrapped up and packaged nicely. We use poly bags to package your items, and will help keep things nice and organized for you. We also give you 2 of our blue Paoletti’s delivery bags upon signing up. You can use these bags to fill up all of your laundry as we will give you more bags back on the next trip. Our rates for this service are by the pound so you will have to either call or email us to get our current rate. Prices for things such as comforters and blankets are separate costs.

Wash N Fold Laundry Service Wheaton

Our wash n fold laundry service in Wheaton is really for people who are busy, and would prefer having to do one less task once they get home during the week. We have delivery trucks that do residential pickups throughout the western suburbs to help people with there busy lives. This service also runs on a twice a week schedule. So if we pick up on a Monday we would drop off on a Thursday. The pick up and drop off days differ depending on the area you live in.


Our wash n fold laundry service in Wheaton is very easy to set up. You can call us at 630-681-9300 or simply email us at and we will contact you quickly. If you have any preferences for anything we can also take care of that as well. We use cold water as to not shrink anything, but can also accommodate you to any preference you might prefer. As we also mentioned anything we pickup will always be on a two day turn around as we need a little bit of time to process your order. We have been in business for over 25 years and are also experts with dry cleaning if that’s something your interested in as well. Whatever your cleaning needs we can absolutely get them taken care of for you.

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